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Not everyone wants to talk about the messy, challenging, and real-life events that directly impact our mental wellness; I’m here to change that.

I’ve been a licensed mental health therapist for the past 6 years. I really love helping others overcome mindset roadblocks and proving to themselves that they can get to a place of intentional growth. My passion for mental health began (believe it or not!) when I was just a tween! You’ll love how my honest and relatable demeanor can assist you with basic mindset shifts and propel the growth which you desire.

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with Kristyn Kersten

Ep. 03

workplace culture & mental health
with christa ball

Ep. 02

Maternal Mental Health 
with Amanda Mondlock

Ep. 01

These are honest, vulnerable, and authentic conversations that will inspire you as well as normalize and validate your own life experiences.

Hear from people all across the country, as we have conversations about all things mental health.

Intentional Growth Podcast — with karah gonstead


Come experience the true essence of Intentional Growth by attending various wellness retreat offerings. Enjoy beautifully planned events that will inspire you to take charge of your mental wellness.

Want me to come speak at your own planned retreat, conference, workshop, or small business team gathering? I’m here to engage, challenge, and uplift you in a non-clinical manner!

Retreats and Speaking Events

Enjoy your own personal item that you can complete on your own time. These items are beautifully designed to keep you engaged and hands on in your wellness journey.

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this FREE handout on Change Roadblocks may help you understand why you could be stuck, even though you wish to elevate.

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(perfect employee, the best Mom to ever grace the face of the planet.. or how about the mask of only posting the cutest pictures on social media when you may actually be stressed to tears on the inside?). I’m here to embrace the normal and the real, all while propelling you forward on this increased mental wellness path that you are working to achieve.

You want increased mental wellness but you’re not sure how to achieve it.

here's the truth, you perfectly normal human being you, I am here to help!

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