Many women struggle with their identity after having a child. This is so common! Yet the messaging that we often receive from society and/or the pressures that we place upon ourselves often push our personal wants and needs aside. During this event you will be able to fully focus on YOU while better understanding YOU at this place in your life, all while being surrounded by other women who are doing the same thing!

who am i without that title?
february 18th, 2023 9am - 4pm  |  $165

Mom's Retreat

A core focus on: REST - REFLECTION - RENEWAL for the currently overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneur.

time away from
the endless to-do's
april 22nd, 2023 9am - 1pm  |  $89

time away from the endless to-do's
april 22nd, 2023 9am - 1pm  |  $89

Entrepreneur Retreat

Do you feel like you have tried to implement boundaries but are failing? Are you able to uphold boundaries in some areas but not others? Come join us for this empowering event.

refocusing and respecting my time and energy
june 24th, 2023 9am - 1pm  |  $89

Boundaries Retreat

vip session $129 |  2pm-4pm  |  only 4 spots available

vip session | 2pm-4pm |  $129 
only 4 spots available

Your retreat includes:
  • Designing a canvas bag with Cyndi: The Paint Shack
  • Learning practical, customizable financial trips from Tracey and Lacey: Northwestern Bank
  • Insights from TWO dietitians, Hannah and Katelin, who will also be serving lunch.
  • Tips and tricks from Emily: The Organized Mess Expert
  • Relaxing during the guided meditation with Angela Rose

SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2022 9AM - 3PM

Elevate Your Wellness

this event will happen again in 2023, join the wait list

- Shook Family Dental 

Our leadership team had a wonderful morning workshop with Karah from Intentional Growth. We set aside half our day to spend on our communication skills and learning how to leverage strengths in our workplace, among many other things. We hope this helps us bring our absolute best selves to everything we do on a professional level (though we benefited so personally from this also!) Can’t believe we ran out of time simply because we were having too much fun and insight than what we’d planned for! Highly recommend Intentional Growth for any small businesses that value mental health in a workplace and want to partner with someone who curates sessions to your specific team!

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