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I’m your host, Karah. I’m a wife, a Mom, and a mental health therapist. Within this podcast you can expect authentic, honest, and vulnerable conversations about all things mental health. I welcome you with open arms…and here we go!

the Intentional Growth podcast.

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My story matters, your story matters
Maternal mental health
Entrepreneur life
Workplace Culture
Non-clinical mental health options

Are you ready to get vulnerable and real about your mental health?

This authentic and raw podcast will feature guest interviews within 5 categories:

You're in the right place, here we go!

with Kristyn Kersten

Ep. 03

workplace culture & mental health
with christa ball

Ep. 02

Maternal Mental Health 
with Amanda Mondlock

Ep. 01

These are honest, vulnerable, and authentic conversations that will inspire you as well as normalize and validate your own life experiences.

Hear from people all across the country, as we have conversations about all things mental health.

Intentional Growth Podcast — with karah gonstead


Not everyone wants to talk about the messy, challenging, and real-life events that directly impact our mental wellness; I’m here to change that.

I’ve been a licensed mental health therapist for the past 6 years. I really love helping others overcome mindset roadblocks and proving to themselves that they can get to a place of intentional growth. My passion for mental health began (believe it or not!) when I was just a tween! You’ll love how my honest and relatable demeanor can assist you with basic mindset shifts and propel the growth which you desire.

I’d love to know more!

- Kayla K

This content had so many relatable pieces for me! It was so honest and emotional! Thank you for the raw and real topics! I look forward to more!

 - Jennifer Ann

Karah has helped me as a mother but more so as a person, to better navigate life and understand it’s okay to not be okay. Listening to this podcast gives you a sense of peace knowing you’re not alone. The content ebbs and flows with laughs, heartfelt emotion and ends with the raw and real truth of life as a business owner, mother and friend. If you’re looking for an amazing podcast, this is the one.

- Janelle J

I absolutely loved listening to the past 2 episodes. I can’t wait to hear more! I put it on in my car and it just makes my drive so much better! So helpful and inspirational!

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