You will enjoy beautifully designed products that assist in progressing you further in your desired journey of positive growth. This may mean that my log book helps you continue to grow and heal outside of your professional care appointments by tracking day-to-day events or my workbook that provides you with moments of true self-care and relaxation. 

I am bringing you workbooks, logs, and other tangible items that can assist the enhancement of your mental wellness.

From the experiences I have had being a psychotherapist,

To be prompted and challenged in a gentle yet eager manner, so you can see your enjoy the progress that you want for yourself

When you immerse yourself in Intentional Growth items, you get:

To individually customize the growth items that you desire to focus on

To put forth the amount of effort of your choice, at your own pace

A log of items before, during and after your professional care appointments. This is the perfect tool for mental health therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic care, nutritional care, pediatric care, and so much more.

Everything In Between

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Most people hope to spend their money on things that will actually benefit them. However, with most professional care appointments there is work (exercises, homework, stretching, food tracking, etc.) that the consumer must do in order to continue progressing in their care. As a professional care provider, I can’t tell you how many times people forget what they were supposed to do outside of session or simply forget what happened since we met last. Unfortunately, this actually decreases the progress of care and accomplishment of individual goals. So, if you can consistently track your care, daily events, and homework outside of appointments, you are likely to reach your goals in care more quickly and in turn, oftentimes even save money!

Why would I need a log book like this for my appointments?


This is truly for anyone! If you have a younger child, you may certainly do some of the writing and tracking for them. Or, you could write in your observations and perceptions of their appointments, and daily logging items (moods, sleep, habits, routine, etc.). There are ‘blank’" pages within this book to allow for free writing, list making, drawing, etc. which can be extremely beneficial for younger children. 

What age is this book best for?


Everything In Between encompasses 51 appointment tracking pages (plus daily logging space). So, if you are having appointments about 1x/week, this will last you the entire year!

How many appointments does this book cover?


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