I'm a mom, wife, Psychotherapist, and business owner. Ever since a middle school collage project, I have identified that I wanted a career where I could "help others." I likely didn't know what that meant at that age, but in college went on to obtain undergraduate degrees in Human Development and Psychology and a Masters degree in Social Work. A few years later I achieved my Licensed Clinical Social Worker status so I could utilize my skills as a psychotherapist. Opening up a group private practice office, Genuine Way Family Therapy followed. Throughout my life I have been described as transparent, straightforward, and caring. I have worked hard to embrace these qualities and lean into them, hence the origination of Intentional Growth. I created this space to hopefully help others realize that they are not alone in their journey of life and the varying experiences and events that come with it. To normalize the truth...the hard stuff and to have discussions about items that are normally shushed away. To give you a place to grow one step at a time.

Hey there, I’m Karah!

Mental wellness growth facilitator, licensed mental health professional, and sunrise admirer.


Increased mental wellness,